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According to F4WOnline.com, Triple H is being advertised for WWE’s Hell in a Cell PPV, taking place in October. Brock Lesnar, however is not being advertised for the event. As of now, Lesnar is expected to work through Night of Champions in September, before taking another hiatus from WWE.

* John Cena made his way to the ring with both title belts with him. Cena soaked up the mixed reaction and noted that it was a lively bunch in Houston. Cena said he would normally share their enthusiasm, but he found out last week that Plan C is what “I hoped would never happen and is Brock Lesnar.”Cena said he is a marked man by The Authority.Cena said he will not quit. Cena said he will stand up and fight and beat Brock Lesnar just like he did in 2012. Cena said fans don’t realize what will happen to the title if Lesnar wins it. He said Lesnar is a mercenary and a hired gun. He said no one can control him, including The Authority and Heyman. Paul Heyman interrupted with a “Ladies and gentlemen” line. Heyman walked onto the stage and introduced himself. “At SummerSlam, my client Brock Lesnar will conquer John Cena and take away from him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship,” Heyman said.Cena said he wanted to get real with Heyman for a second. He recalled Heyman bringing up passion. He said every once in a while there is a faint chant of ECW. Cena said that whenever Heyman hears those letters it brings a smile to his face and a beat to his cold, black heart.Cena said he shows up for work on time and he works his ass off because he has passion for this. Cena said Lesnar has no passion for anything but himself. “What separates him from me, jack , is heart. And when the chips are down he may beat the hell out of me, but he’s going to have to beat every last breath out of this body because I’m heaving to SummerSlam as champion and I’m walking out with this son of a bitch.”Cesaro’s music played and he walked onto the stage and shoot Heyman’s hand and hugged him. Heyman looked surprised as Cesaro took the mic. Cesaro said that even though he and Heyman decided to go separate ways, he won’t let Cena talk to his friend that way. Cesaro told Cena that he’s not a wrestler, he’s “a big muscled up, walking billboard.”Cesaro asked Cena if he got his shoes at KMart. He told him that he can’t wrestle in sneakers. “Oh, that’s right, you just can’t wrestle,” Cesaro said. “How about I prove that to you in a match right now?” Cena put the mic and belts aside. Heyman told the fans they get a bonus. Cena told Heyman to shut up, then said it will be his honor for the jacked up guy who can’t wrestle to wrestle circles around Cesaro.

* John Cena defeated Cesaro by pinfall. Cena hits Cesaro with the Attitude Adjustment to get the win.


Paige was introduced and skipped to the ring. Footage was shown of Paige attacking A.J. Lee last week. Paige stood in the ring and said she wanted to set the record straight. She said sometimes she lets her emotions get the better of her, but she still thinks of A.J. as her best friend in the whole world. Paige said last week she didn’t think of her as her friend, but she thought of her as someone who took her title. A.J. Lee skipped to the ring and took a lap around it before entering with the Divas Championship and a mic in hand. A.J. asked if Paige really thought anyone was buying it. Paige tried to talk, but Lee said she wasn’t finished talking.Lee said she gets why Paige is mad because she knows what it’s like to have the Divas Championship taken away from her because Paige did that. Lee said she doesn’t play little girl games by smiling at someone and whispering behind their back. Lee said that if she doesn’t like someone and wants to take crap, she will say it to their face like a real woman.Paige swore that she was sorry and said that if Lee doesn’t believe her then she’s crazy. “What did you just call me?” Lee asked. Paige said she didn’t mean to call her that and would never make fun over her mental health. Lee flashed a smile and said she gets it. She said everyone overreacts, even “some of us who are just a little bit off their rocker.”A.J. took Paige down and eventually tossed her to ringside. Paige got away and asked why it had to be like that when they are friends. A loud C.M. Punk chant broke out. Lee entered the ring and placed the title belt in front of her while staring intently at Paige, who was backing up the ramp


Triple H and Stephanie McMahon made their entrance. Stephanie acted embarrassed. Triple H took the mic and said that they’ve had a lot of good times over the years, but he’s never been more disappointed in the fans than he was last week. He said it disgusted and angered him that the fans laughed at his wife when she was arrested last week.”You found it funny that the mother of my children was handcuffed in this arena,” Hunter said. “You found it funny that my wife, the woman I love, was handcuffed like a common criminal and dragged out of this arena?” Triple H said he will never forgive the fans for that. Hunter said Stephanie was arrested over a misunderstanding. He said Stephanie was antagonized by Brie Bella. “It was perfectly acceptable and understandable that my wife struck Brie Bella,” Triple H said. “She was asking for it.” Hunter said all charges but one were dropped – the assault and battery charge. Hunter said Brie refuses to let go of that charge. Hunter said Stephanie asked Brie to come to the building so they could put the “whole ugly incident” behind them. Stephanie took the mic. “Brie, if you could just please come out here and we can get this over with,” she said.Chris Jericho’s music played and he walked onto the stage instead of Brie Bella. Jericho sang the “COPS” theme song and the fans picked it up after he stopped. Hunter asked if Jericho thinks it’s funny. The crowd chanted Yes! Jericho said he does, but it’s 2014 and orange is the new black. Jericho said these are the moments that WWE Network is created, as now fans can watch her be pulled out of the building in handcuffs over and over.Hunter told Jericho that he’s not in the mood. Jericho said that in all seriousness, he has to give Triple H credit for standing by his little flower’s side. He said he just has one question, which is why he didn’t leave the arena with Stephanie when she was first arrested. Jericho said Hunter waited until 15 minutes after the show ended. He said it’s because Triple H realizes that Stephanie is nothing more than a dirty, brutal, bottom feeding…”Triple H told Jericho to shut up and focus on Bray Wyatt. Jericho said that’s the real reason that he was there. Jericho said he wants Wyatt in the ring on Raw. “You want Bray Wyatt tonight?” Triple H asked. “Well, you’re going to have to wait until SummerSlam. As for tonight, Chris, tonight…” Seth Rollins attacked Jericho from behind and knocked him down with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Hunter told Jericho that he would face Rollins on Raw.