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PWInsider Elite is reporting that John Cena leaving WWE for Hollywood is a possibility. They say Cena’s film career could take off quickly, and some backstage employees think he could walk away from the ring, given how hurt he’s worked in the past few months and years.

It has already been noted that Cena will be missing several dates, including RAW this past week, for filming his new movies The Nest and Trainwreck.

Some of the wrestlers have even joked that Cena will be the next one to “bring it via satellite” soon, taking a shot and both him and The Rock.

Cesaro was reported to be in line for a babyface push, but it was on hold until they needed him or had the room.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he was scheduled for a big push at the end of the summer, a decision made even before Daniel Bryan went out with a neck injury.

It apears now that Cesaro’s character will be going in a new direction, after seeing what happened on this week’s WWE TV shows.

Cesaro was seen in a backstage segment with The Authority, and wrestled Dean Ambrose on RAW.