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When Alberto Del Rio received the phone call from Triple H informing him he was being released from the company, Triple H reportedly told Del Rio to “keep his nose clean,” and when the heat from the backstage incident died down, WWE would re-hire him in 6 months or so. Del Rio reportedly told HHH he was not interested in being re-hired, and did not want to return to WWE.

Additionally, top WWE stars like John Cena, Big Show and Randy Orton all told Del Rio they would push for him to be re-hired because most of the talent in the locker room sided with Del Rio following the backstage incident with Cody Barbierri. Again, however, Del Rio made it clear that he did not want to return to WWE.

According to The Wrestling Observer, there were two main reasons why WWE decided to have Brock Lesnar destroy John Cena in their main event title match at SummerSlam.

The first reason was to put Lesnar over as a “monster,” and to separate him from the rest of the WWE “pack.”

The second reason was to put John Cena over for not giving up in a situation where it seemed impossible for him to win. WWE wanted him to come off looking admirable for taking a brutal beating like that and never quitting.

As for Brock Lesnar’s TV future, WWE did shoot footage of him at Raw this week in Las Vegas, which the company will air on future episodes of Raw that Lesnar will be missing due to his schedule.